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[Complaint] unknown


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In-Game Nickname: unknown

Time and date: Fri 28 Dec 13:42

Description of what happened: I came back after christmas only to find my ME system along with all chests in my town plot have been "emptied". Upon further investigation I am confident that this has been caused by misuse of WorldEdit privileges as the area around my plot has been flattened (most likely my plot was included in this by accident after which an //undo most likely followed). I am certain that a complete loss of items in my plot has been caused by WE due to numerous factors including items facing the wrong way (ME Controller & Drive facing the wall) and the tesseract that powered my system is in the same place but now has the owner set to [None] which as far as I know is impossible to do without tools such as WE. The plot is located in the town of AngelsOfDeath, these coordinates can be used to teleport to it: X: 1140, Y: 68, Z: 4758.

Screenshots or Proof: https://imgur.com/a/lVK6yt1

List of eyewitnesses: n/a

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