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[Refund Request] Samaroo24


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Your Name: Samaroo24
Item Name + Amount: Cobalt Pickaxe head (1), Redstone (200), Lapis Lazuli (450), Diamond (1), Gold Block (1), Thaumium Tool Rod (1), Paper Binding (1), Bucket (1), Steel Ingot (3), Basic Capacitor (2), Iron Plate (1), Iron Boots (1), Iron Leggings (1), Iron Helmet (1), Ring of Protection (1), Glider (1), Hardened Flux Capacitor (1)
Coordinates: N/A
Description of Issue: I was killed while loading into Reconion's RFtools dimension, which replaced a vital part with a grave and broke the dimension. The error below is thrown upon attempting to enter it.
Screenshots (Optional):

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