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XNet Controllers - no programs anymore, lost wire coil connections!


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XNet Controllers - no programs anymore, lost wire coil connections!


Its really a problem, 13h ago i left game, all was ok, I'm not in the city that is causing the actual other problems.

If you made  a reroll, pls try to find the database/files, which are managing the xnet controllers and wire coil connections, and restore it.


Some weeks ago same thing occured, my all energy production is based on these controllers and programs (canola seed crystalizing and empowering, managemnet for putting seeds into oil, putting and getting oil in/out a hole, empowering programs for other stuff, management for ore miner output and industrial grinder, power management for some mashines)

Its very hard to reprogram all. My base is spider-web-connected with the wire-coils, Last this occured I had to destroy all and rebuild all connectors and connections, and produce new wire coils.

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