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Complaint against awesomebhs


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In-Game Nickname: awesomebhs

Time and date: around 7:20 PST 1/1/19

Description of what happened: Awesomebhs was irritated at me because i set my plot to town members cannot enter the plot. I do not like randoms running around my stuff. Awesomebhs proceeded to call me a "bitch", has a sign that says "suck a d*ck bigman", flood my area with sheep, and set a redstone machine to open and close a door. I would like to have some sort of punishment for this because it is honestly petty and on the tad bit overboard. Not to mention, obnoxious 

Screenshots or Proof: https://imgur.com/a/Ll8Or4Q

List of eyewitnesses: i mean, no body saw it but a few may have seen in the chat him, on multiple occations, saying "screw you bigman"

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