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  1. Town deleted, you're free to expand now. T/C
  2. You keep repeating yourself so I'll just quote myself since I've already given you an answer. Enforcing the server rules is now a "power trip" got it thanks. I haven't seen any facts coming from you in this post, all that you've done was make a complaint because I asked you to change your name and tried to drag other staff into this without even mentioning their names as if it would make a difference. The fact that you think we are all out to get you is hilarious in itself, you're not as important as you think you are, we got better things to do than to spend our time making discussions about you. Since you're not providing any new substancial info on the complaint itself this will be my last response, you're clearly just pushing for an argument and simply dragging this on.
  3. Aparently you don't read what other people write but that's fine that's what the quote tool is for, now read this quote again and you'll notice that nobody else is involved, I simply saw your nickname and called you out on it by asking you to change it, that's it, nothing else. A few people is more than eneugh to get you to change your nickname since they still considered it as inappropriate, Now do me a favor and focus, there's nobody else involved in this, all I did was ask you to change your nickname, this was just me entering the server and looking at someone with a nickname they shouldn't be using as it was inappropriate, I honestly don't know why you insist on dragging other staff members into this as if there's a conspiracy out there to get you. All that happened, and I can't stress this enough, ALL that happened was that I looked at your name and saw that it wasn't appropriate so I asked you to change it PERIOD. Now unless you have anything substantial to add to this complaint that doesn't involve making a conspiracy theory surrounding you, I'd advise you to just stop and wait for a verdict.
  4. So just because you don't find your own nickname inappropriate and nobody seems interested in saying their thoughts about the name it makes it ok to have inappropriate names now? Kinda ridiculous considering other players were more than happy to explain to you what your own nickname represented and since it was indeed something inappropriate all I did was what I'm supposed to as a member of staff and asked you to change it. Already answered this on my 1st response.... but I'll quote myself just in case you missed it.
  5. Again... Just because they didn't say anything doesn't mean they didn't find it inappropriate.
  6. That explains why a few other players also told you why it was innapropriate while I spoke to you about it right? Just because they don't call you out on it doesn't mean they don't think it's innapropriate making it the staff's job to tell you to change it.
  7. I actually have no idea what you mean with this part, all I did was enter the server and see someone with an innapropriate name, so I have no idea why you're saying there's unfounded anger towards you since I don't have any reasons for that and I barely speak to you making it harder for me to have any kind of reason to be angry towards you. During this time I only saw you with an innapropriate name so I have no actuall clue as to who you're refering to that might've had an offensive name, so if you'd like to share that persons name along with a screenshot of it I would be more than happy to tell him to change his name. Regardless of who the player is and what they are doing I tend to always handle minor situations in global chat, saying that I only did it because it was you is a bit weird since I have nothing against you. Never saw your nickname till today, probably due to the both of us logging in at diferent times, otherwise I would've told you to change it earlier. This is the first time I got a complaint against me so I'd apreciate it if you didn't drag other issues you might be having into this, all I did was ask you to change your name due to it being innapropriate.
  8. Town removed, you're now free to expand. T/C
  9. You got permabanned for griefing spawn and since your house had quite alot of creative items it was removed to avoid future problems, so unless you get unbanned I advise against this rollback. Edit: Since you don't seem to understand this post of mine let me do you a favor and elaborate. If you get proven innocent and get unbanned then by all means do the rollback, but if your unban request gets denied then there is no point in doing this rollback as the ban is considered and meant to be permanent.
  10. Town deleted you're free to expand. T/C
  11. Items placed in a chest right at your front door, please confirm that you got them.
  12. Player sent to spawn, problem fixed.
  13. Please use this template so we can properly refund you
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