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  1. Zethrindor

    [Town Roll Back Request] Joey4213

    You got permabanned for griefing spawn and since your house had quite alot of creative items it was removed to avoid future problems, so unless you get unbanned I advise against this rollback. Edit: Since you don't seem to understand this post of mine let me do you a favor and elaborate. If you get proven innocent and get unbanned then by all means do the rollback, but if your unban request gets denied then there is no point in doing this rollback as the ban is considered and meant to be permanent.
  2. Zethrindor

    Town Removal Request

    Town deleted you're free to expand. T/C
  3. Zethrindor

    [REFUND REQUEST] RobotMan2412

    Items placed in a chest right at your front door, please confirm that you got them.
  4. Zethrindor

    I can not enter

    Player sent to spawn, problem fixed.
  5. Zethrindor

    Refund needed at 4:22 am

    Please use this template so we can properly refund you
  6. Zethrindor

    Server Crash

  7. Zethrindor

    [Refund Request]DaBe00593

    Items refunded and confirmed by player. T/C
  8. Zethrindor

    Complaint against awesomebhs

    Player awesomebhs will be punished according to rule 15. There is insufficient evidence on the griefing part so punishment wont be given for that. I will talk to awesomebhs about this once he is online. T/C
  9. Zethrindor

    Refund Request

    The title says this is for a refund request but you used the template for a town rollback, could you please either correct the title or the template accordingly?
  10. Zethrindor

    [Refund Request] frassemyra

    Items given to player. T/C
  11. Zethrindor

    Claim creation issue

    Problem seem to have been fixed T/C
  12. Zethrindor

    Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas
  13. Zethrindor

    [Refund Request] Hempic420

    Items placed in your inventory T/C
  14. Zethrindor

    I've been muted for 24 hours for 4 months

    Player has already been unmuted T/C
  15. Zethrindor

    Refund Request UHCGamer_

    Items placed in a chest in your house. T/C

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