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TheDarkNightPvP Stole my Backpacks/ and Tp Killed me


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In-Game Nickname: TheDarkNightPvP
Time and Date: 1/3/19 8:30
Description of what happened: my friend teleported him to my base to help, we all died, he grabbed my stuff when i broke my grave, and ran, then when he said i could have it back, tp killed me, i lost 2 backpacks, one is named "Ingots" had almost a stack of diamonds in it around 33 steel, redston/ iron blocks, lapis, and gold, and a backpack named misc tools which had my engineer hammer and my revolver Edit: he stole my eff 4 unbreak 3 autosmelt 3 diamond hammer also
Screenshots or Proof: https://imgur.com/a/cq4ekKw  https://imgur.com/a/cq4ekKw {proof of tp kill and admitting he has my stuff
List of eyewitnesses: JessRed

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I have looked through all your post's and stuff so what has happening is 
You went to help him out at his base with JessRed about a mob issue, You died due to mobs and stuff which therefor meant your items went into a grave. When the graves was broken either you gotten hit by mobs again or you couldn't go back to it therefor some of the items despawned and some of them was floating about. And when you went to re tp to him for the items he killed you thinking that YOU had HIS items which you didn't have so it was a situation which wasn't communicated properly and people got mad. Next time if a issue like this happens please try to stay calm and report it to me or another member of the SF3 Staff :P

I was able to only find your hammer which i will give you in game when i see you 
There is going to be no warning taken against TheDarkNIghtPVP BUT i am going to be giving him a verbal warning for all of this. Also please don't use Caps so hard next time due to Rule 7 which means you're not allowed to excessively use caps.


Thanks for reading-Towill.


Confirmed by the player this is ok 

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