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[Refund Request] Nicomedos

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Your Name: Nicomedos

Item Name + ID + Ammount: 

ME Glass Cable, 4099:16, 64

ME Covered Cable, 4099:36, 64

ME Smart Cable, 4099:56, 16

Network Tool, 4130, 1


Description of Issue:

I bought The Applied Energistics and the Extreme Eeactor kit on the DireWolf20 server at the same time, and i miscalculated the space needed in my inventory.

The items mentioned above was the only items i did not get. Would be great if i could get them.

I see the Network tool is listed in the kit, but on server it says banned? If it's banned i do not need to get it


Thankyou for looking into this! 

Screenshots (Optional): 

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