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  1. zachary13

    Vakors Sponsor items

    Were just redoing the package please hold
  2. zachary13

    Vakors Sponsor items

    Hi there i have contacted a manager for you
  3. zachary13

    [Refund Request]Bashuri135[DW1.7]

    Locked All sorted
  4. zachary13

    [Refund Request] Josephmcleod15

    Locked All sorted
  5. zachary13

    [Refund Request] Nicomedos

    Items refunded Closed
  6. zachary13

    Game Crash

    Sorted by evie10 Closed
  7. zachary13

    Money Request & Extra Claim Chunks

    Your purchase was reactivated you should get all your perks back Locked Post
  8. zachary13

    My base buged againd...

    Locked please read above
  9. zachary13

    Money Request & Extra Claim Chunks

    @Josephmcleod15 Hi so i spoke to a GM on a different CL server and money does get returned @NorseMyths has placed this to the direwolf 1.7 manager
  10. zachary13

    My base buged againd...

    I suggest creating a chunk rollback or reset in the dire wolf 1.7 technical support
  11. zachary13

    Wipe Request

    Locked an official vote has been published at Here
  12. zachary13

    [Town Removal] Potato DW1.7

    @Manyouforgot Amazing thank you Topic Closed Sorted
  13. zachary13

    DW 1.7.10 Wipe?

    Locked Bruny has made a offical post for it located Here
  14. zachary13

    FTB Direwolf20 1.7.10 Server time for WIPE? Vote!

    I feel the server is in need of a map reset just in case a comment is needed
  15. Please use the [Town Removal]<name>[DW1.7 or DW1.10] prefix in front of the topic title. Account Name(you): zachary13 Server: ( dw1.7 or dw1.10 ) dw1.7 Town name in question(case sensitive): /t info potato Coordinates: X 505 Z 3363 Y 68 Town members: Neo2022 Reason for request: Blocking our claim area so we cannot claim any more chunks Screenshot of town members activity (optional, but recommended): Screen 1 Screen 2

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