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[Issues + Solutions] Direwolf20

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In this post; I will attempt at finding known issues within the DW20 1.12 server and address them. As for some issues cannot be immediately fixed or patched by Bruny or the mod developers. Lets get right to it.




All issues have been resolved :)




Refined Storage



Issue: Refined Storage and Reborn Storage are bugged. 

These mods will rotate your machines, delete your drives, and delete your items.


Solution: Use Applied Energetics 2 




Immersive Engineering


Issue: Garden Cloches are bugged.

They do not work.


No solution at the moment.




Issue: ChickenChunk "Chunk Loader" does not work.


Solution: Use IC2 Chunk Loader - it may disappear sometimes.



Crash Reports



Issue #1: I have crashed and been kicked out of the server! Kick error involved "Unknown Meta Data @ 14"

The issue seems to be a mod which uses custom entity metadata outside of what is added by Mojang. It will throw an exception while processing data, the problem here being that in order to support rewriting metadata as needed by bungeecord, we need to know the format of the metadata, which isn't possible for bungee.


There is a unstuck package we offer on most servers. It will send you to spawn in about 5-15 minutes. Use that and wait for it to send you to spawn.

Link -> Here


Issue #2: Crash error involved "Badly compressed packed, <Very Large Number> is larger than <Other Very Large Number>

Once again use the unstuck package. As you probably entered a corrupted chunk.

Link -> Here



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