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Garden Cloches Issues

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Hi, I'm Sister_Marge.

My friend and I are trying to grow mystical agriculture crops inside of Garden Cloches, have given it all of the correct necessities such as energy and water. These have shown in the UI. However, when we attempt to grow something it gives the animation of it growing but produces no products. Is this disabled? It doesn't say that it is disabled or banned on any place I could see. 

Many thanks for your help!

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The performance of garden cloches has been tuned down as for lag issues.

Reason you are seeing it grow is that the visuals are client-side, but the process itself takes place on the server, and the speed is much lower here.

I suggest straining away from cloches and using a farming station + growth crystals (will be more effective, quicker, nice range, less requirements, lag friendly)

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