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Disputing Action Taken by a Staff Member

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In-game name: EmCeeChallenger

Server: Tekkit


I do not know who the specific person was, as they were invisible for the whole duration, but I do think they were just confused/unknowing. Recently, there have been some cases of duping on the server. A case where mystic keys were duped and put in market/spawn and a very similar one with legendary keys the day after. In both cases, I received some duped keys. I bought 16 mystic keys once word started spreading that they were on the market for very cheap. At first, I thought this was just the doing of one of the more wealthy people on the server, before realizing that they were duped items when more kept showing up in the market and more people started receiving keys (this was at the beginning of the duping). The next day, I received 8 legendary keys in market mail. This time, I knew they were duped and put them in a clearly labeled chest in my base with the other 16 mystic keys (which I had not yet used after finding out about them). I wasn't sure if staff wanted to delete them themselves or what the standard protocol was, so that's why I kept every duped key. Admittedly, I should have notified a staff member soon that I had some, but I was still holding out hope that they would just let everyone keep them (which happened with the mystic keys), I was waiting for an explicit "delete duped keys" from a staff member, which I hadn't seen yet. My dispute comes when after the second incident, an admin came on to resolve the duped keys. He went through my chests and deleted ALL of my keys. Not included in the clearly marked "duped" chest was 8 legendary keys and about 2 stacks of regular vote keys. I acquired all of them legit via doing every vote I can for 4-5 days in a row with 4x vote rewards and 4 drop parties. I never spend my keys, preferring to get materials my self and grind a little bit harder (just my playstyle) and keep the keys in case someone wants to buy them, so that's why I had so many. I understand that the 8 legendary non-duped keys would be nearly impossible to prove non-duped, so I see why those may have been deleted as a precaution. However, there was never a duped regular vote key incident, so I don't know why those were deleted too. I understand that coming across a stash of a good amount of keys seems suspicious in light of recent events, but I hope this clears everything up. In short, I would like at least my 2 stacks of regular vote keys back. Attached is a picture of where the keys were, in case the staff member who took the action comes across the post and can verify my numbers. I do not have screenshots of the legit keys, nor did I have any reason to suspect to need one. Also, I am not sure if deleting all keys is protocol, or if it was some sort of punishment for not coming forward with the keys outright.


My legit keys were in the rightmost gold chest


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