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Lost items / mystic crate bug STONEBLOCK 2

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I have 2 slightly different issues.

1. I have logged in today (11th April) and for some reason or another lost a creative jetpack? Any chance of this being given back to me please?

2. I bought some keys from the store last week, from which received mystic crate keys. Whilst using said keys, I was rewarded with Flux Sponge twice, which in fact, I never did receive. Could I be refunded the 2 keys I lost please?

Honestly, I'm annoyed that these items were in turn paid for, yet now have use of none. Is there anything that can be done to help here?


Many thanks,


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Thanks Raz.

Unfortunately there's no proof as such. However, I know Rapiidz also lost a jetpack (both of which I personally obtained). Possibly a common fault from the latest update? Both of us had them equipped prior to the recent update. I bought one of them from the player market and another from a mystic crate. 

I haven't got any screenshots etc, as I wasn't expecting to have lost anything (if that makes sense) unfortunately. If there's another way of proving this - i'm happy to do so. I'm just not sure what would suffice.

Thanks again for the response. Will use the template in future.

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