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Refound request

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Your Name: MrBrown
Item Name + Amount: 

30 Empowering queen, 1 Nexsus queen, 1 pure queen, 4 Blizzy queen, 4 Gelid queen, 2 Imperial queen, 3 Yellorium queen, 1 Genetic template (13/13 genes) (species: empowering, Ignore day/night: true, flowers: node, speed: faster, cave dwelling: true, effect: none, lifespan: longest, territory: average, umidity tollerance: both 2, fertility: 3, flowering: faster, tollerant flyer: true, temperature tolerance: none), 12 Automatic upgrade, 12 Light upgrade, 12 Seal upgrade, 8 Lifespan upgrade, 64 Producion upgrade, 2 Genetic stabilizer, 


x: -3692, z: -317, y: 60
Description of Issue:

we got griefed for the third time and all our bees are gone again. The ''mytown'' mod is NOT protecting any on the industrial apiaries even if the base if fully claimed. 
I don't know who griefed my town anyways so i cant even report this. 

Screenshots (Optional): 


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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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