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"possible" fix for Spatial Storage


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Idk why it doesen't work but its something to do with sponge, but I found this on a github


The real cause of this problem is

DimensionManager.getWorld( AEConfig.instance().getStorageDimensionID() ) returns null for the storage cell dimension while under native Forge it returns the same world object as event.getObject(), thus preventing the SpatialDimensionManager instance from being attached.

Forge adds the dimention to its DimensionManager durning creation of the WorldServer object by calling the setWorld method before calling WorldServer.init()(which calls World.initCapabilities() and triggers the event), allowing AE2 to get back the world using getWorld method. However, this setWorld call is removed by sponge.

For anyone wants to mess with the code, here is a "temp fix" for this issue.

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Making an untested change in such a central part of sponge could cause many bugs in other places. I don't think taking that risk is worth it considering barely anyone even uses the spatial storage from AE2.

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