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Unban Mayoicu


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1. Mayoicu .  ( Currently Li5i4ka )

2.  There were personal problems and I couldn't play. After the call I saw an empty map and decided that it was erased. But after noticed that was blocked by the second rule, which is not violated. Yes, my city looked empty for my level of development, but all this is due to the fact that I had to change 3 places of residence and all my items at that time were in the ME-system. I do not understand why the administrator came to this decision to accuse me of cheating when I played the order of 100-150 hours on the server and reached a not-so-great strides in development. I apologize for my English, I communicate in another language and my spoken English is too weak.

3. Rule 2 1st offence.

4. 25 June.

5. Kaszanka_1234

6. image.thumb.png.9b9456ebe1b75cf57d187b1a9c83a6ad.png

7. All the thoughts described in the second paragraph.

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  • Manager

I apologize for unjustly banning you, you were found not guilty. Since the ban itself has expired the unban request is no longer relevant but if you want to get back your town and inventory you should make a rollback request under technical support.



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Thank you very much, I was beginning to worry that I will not wait for an answer, but it is not so :) All the best and thanks again, the topic can be closed.

upd: Could you give me an approximate date and time when my city and inventory were cleared? So I can put it in the Technical Support.

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