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unban Erdbeerkuchen1

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[1] In-Game Username:

[2] Details of Situation:
Banned for "ban evading"

[3] Ban Category:
Ban Evading

[4] Ban Duration:

[5] Staff Member:

[6] ScreenShots:

See the attachment, we are two humans, with two accounts and two laptops, we have the same IP but different MAC-Adresses. Right "Erdbeerkuchen1", Left "DaPedro"

[7] Your Reason:

So guys thought that my account is the second account of my husband (which was banned for Rule 2). Next time, please let people ban others which are more online on that server. People who are daily there (like ismoel) knows, that we are two different persons which also playing often the same time. As I was banned he sits next to me and was grumbling that he was fooled by another player, but he wasn't playing on my account. So please unban me and reduce the Ban of "DaPedro" to the regular 3d.

Thanks a lot

IMG_20190909_194000 (002).jpg

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Player Erdbeerkuchen1 unbanned. removed the ban evasion time on DaPedro account. 

I apologize for the inconveniences, as it is simply our job to keep everything according to rules and i saw the same ip.


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