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[Town Rollback Request] TaZeQ_Invcitus


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Thanks for these chests, but I'm still missing the Resonant Strongbox these materials and were by far the most important  because there where nearly all ressources. Also there was a chest on the smeltery that was full with ores would be nice if u could get these also back. But thanks so far.


List of the most important resources that are missing (Ca. I dont know the exact numbers of all, but these should be fine)

  • 6 Netherstars
  • ~ Stack of diamonds
  • ~ 1/2 of emeralds
  • ~ 3 Stacks of Gold
  • ~ Stack of Iron and Redstone Blocks
  • 3 Stacks of Nether quartz
  • 1 Stack of Alumite
  • 4 Stacks of normal Certus Quartz & ~ 1/2 Stack Charged Certus Quartz
  • 2 Stacks of Tin
  • 1/2 of Copper
  • 1 Stack of Bronze
  • 1/2 Stack Rubber


  • 2 Stacks of Silver and Lead
  • 2 Stacks of Yellorite(I count Uranium into this)
  • 1 Stack of Iron
  • ~1/2 Stack Ferrous
  • ~ 2 Stacks of Tin and Copper
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