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[Presentation] qtChan

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Name: Private

IGN: qtChan

Age: 17

Crafter's Land Servers you play: RLCraft

Location: Philippines

A short description of yourself: Hi, I really like playing RLCraft. When I first joined the server, I was mind blown by the QOL stuff the server had to offer, (Crates, tpa, a spawn etc). Due to this I bought a rank on my first day (Cheers!) Not only that, I also proudly played on the server for 2 days straight, without any sleep. This just show my love for RLCraft so if ever that you found me on the server, just hook me up! I might even give you free loots! Currently, I have some few achievements for myself, this being "Owning the largest clan that is rank 8 at leader boards", "being the top 34 at /baltop", "Help a lot of random newbies by giving them starting items and assisting them with concerns", "Be petrified by a GM", "Take a picture with a GM". Anyways, I am currently a Grade 12 student so I got of stuff going on in real life so I might be unable to play for some time but I will always use my free time to play anyways. Some of you guys might recognize me when you searched my name on google. And no I am not the bot, no thank you, but I am that small youtuber and Administrator at BSMC (Cheers) please don't ban me for this, I just wanna have fun :)

Hobbies and interests: I like playing video games, chess, programming, writing novels, playing the guitar, singing and other stuffs.

Discord / Skype Name: qtChan#3447


Want To Know Me More?
Comment Down Bellow And I'll Try to Answer Your Questions!

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