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  1. qtChan


    This looks promising,,, Although a better screen shot would have given this build more justice?
  2. Umm the modpack author intended this to happen so... I think implementing this feature on the server would yet ruin the RL Craft Experience once again.
  3. qtChan

    The End House

    Well, too late it got destroyed within 12 hours hahahah. Ryan spawned a dragon and there goes our hours of work.
  4. OMG we managed to pass this suggestion! Cheers!
  5. A Proper Implementation of GMC End the nuisance of /gmc Proposed by qtChan CraftersLand has been running since March 2011. As you know, donations are needed to keep the server up and running. Besides that the server invest in new things like fixes and custom plugins.This is all done by developers which cost a lot of money. In short, without donations the server will not last long. One of the perks of being a Donator (Premium+ and above) is having the access to gamemode creative which is "subjected" to server rule #4 (No sale/gifting of creatively influenced items to members outside of your town). WHAT IS THE PROBLEM/ISSUE? First of all, the main issue of this is the fact that selling gamemode creative is against the TOS of Mojang (Creators of Minecraft) and could get the server suspended/blacklisted for doing this. The second one is the fact that this is still abusable due to the fact that when a player in creative placed a block and someone break it, the tag of the item/block will be remove and thus gives free items to other players or him/herself. Although this is certainly not allowed on the server, the staff had no way of knowing/tracking this if the both party agreed not to discuss this with anyone. The third problem is the fact that the survival and creative inventory is the same which makes it troublesome for donors to use this feature because at a small mistake they can turn their legit survival items into a useless inventory decoration. WHAT IS THIS PROPOSITION? This is created to try and solve the mentioned issues above. Separated Inventories This one is probably the most simple and easiest to implement. Basically, donators should have two separated inventories, one is for survival and the other is for creative. This will make it impossible for them to cheat items from creative and thus will fix the issue they are having with their items being tagged. Disabled Storage Access This one is a little bit trickier considering that RLCraft added more storage (Things that store items like the reforging station). When this is implemented properly it will compliment the "separated inventories suggestion" because this will also prevent donators from cheating items. Disabled Creative Drops This one is also a little bit tricky because of the amount of blocks RLCraft added although I doubt that this needs a lot of work. This will disable the drops from blocks that was placed through creative. This will both eliminate the glitch/bug that disable the tags on items and this will compliment both "separated inventories" and "disabled storage access" because this will also prevent donators from cheating items. Creative at Claims only This one is the trickiest to code in this whole proposition because this will require integration with GriefPrevention. There are two possible ways to implement this. (1) The first one is basically make players at gamemode creative to be unable to leave or tp away from their claims. (2) The second one is by disabling all interactions of players in creative when they are not in their claim. For example, Player A is in creative, When player A placed any blocks in an unclaimed area their will be a message prompt that tells him/her that he can't do that. Got Any Insights? Ideas? Complains?Post them down below and lets discuss them!
  6. Account Name: qtChanRank: SponsorRequested Commands^: worldedit.* (or just worldedit) and nucleus.workbench.base (I really need this please D:)Reason for Request*: I am building a large scale structure (Um... a dungeon/battle tower) for players to play on my private claim and I sorta need worldedit to terra-form the area but don't worry I execute operations that would cause massive lags. I also want /craft because it's sorta like /feed and /heal... They're handy..
  7. Yet another refund request from you xD. Anyways you don't need to tame Ice and Fire dragons... They are already tamed when you hatch their eggs.
  8. Okay this thread actually saved me LOL
  9. Your Name: qtChanItem Name + ID + Amount: Lostvayne (Ice dragonbone Greatsword) #5143 1, Dracarys (Ice dragonbone long bone) #5156 1, Dragon bone pickaxe #4477 1Coordinates: 3294 85 -6364Description of Issue: I was trying to arm a zombie at my claim for a fun little minigame for my friends... but I accidently click MMB (or R) that sorts my inventory... and as you know, this will tag my items.Screenshots (Optional):
  10. I would agree to this suggestion... It is somewhat related to my vote sleep suggestion xd
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