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  1. Your Name: BonnuuItem Name + Amount: item name: God = Iced dragonbone Greatsword #5143 Enchants . Supreme Sharpness V + mending + vampirism 1 + sweeping edge 3 + Looting 3 + Subject p.e 4 + life steel 3Coordinates: I dont have cords for this Description of Issue: I was mining obsidian and i was minving downwards i got bugged and i couldnt move, i do /home and /back and i realized my weapon was gone .. I have spent so much exp on this weapon for it to randomly gone. please help.. there wasnt any mobs around me i killed them all than i went to mine obsidian and i lost my pickaxe but i d
  2. y'all needa watch this vid LOL
  3. Your Name: BonnuuItem Name + ID + Amount: Bronze Scale helment (#4571) with mending #0403 and masterful reforge Bronze Scale chest (#4572) with mending #0403 + adv protection 3 #0403 + strengthened vitality V #0403 and masterful reforge Bronze Scale legging (#4573) with mending #0403 + adv protection 3 0403 + strengthened vitality 3 #0403 and masterful reforge Bronze Scale shoes (#4574) with mending #0403 + adv protection 2 0403 + feather falling 3 #0403 and masterful reforge Weapons and Tools iced Dragon bone great sword (#5143) with mending #040
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