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Taming issue


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Dear Administration. I have found an intresting dungeon lately. A chupacabra special type (shadow hound) appeared in it so i decided to tame it. First, Iv used like 12 treats and i didint got any notification on chat that it wants more or something like it usually should appear but the treats were still dissapearing. Then i thought maybe it needs lot of treats so I came back with almost around 50 treats and all went gone. I ended up wasting lots of time, my dear cows and still not getting this mount.

I’m looking forward for some good solution for this situation.

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I have seen exact same dungeon with exact same shadow hound on youtube. And It took this person 20 treats to tame him + the chat showed that it wants more.

link to video: 

So my question is. Are you sure? Cause this make no sense that it wont show that it wants more in my opinion.

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