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[Refund Request]Mechanicus


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Your Name: Mechanicus
Item Name + Amount: Galacticraft Tier 1 Rocket x1
Coordinates: x-5456 y??? z2452
Description of Issue: Crafted a rocket, went up to space to make a space station. Made a space station, as soon as the game loaded it and I spawned, my game crashed. Restarted the game and rejoined the server two or three times, game crashed every time. I can load in enough to see the space station, but I crash three seconds later. Used the unstuck function on the website, now back at spawn, but lost my rocket. I don't know what the y coordinates are because my game crashes as soon as I get up to the space station.
Screenshots (Optional): Unable to provide screenshots as I cannot get back to space, due to missing a rocket.

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