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Dragon Egg despawned


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Ingame Name: equitem_nigrum
Inventory Rollback: Red Dragon Egg
~21:00 10/02/2020 Dragon despawned
Description of Issue: The Dragon Egg that I got refunded after a previous altercation on this server. I placed the Dragon Egg on a burning block of Netherrack and thought nothing of it. I then went to spawn to see if someone is selling nametags as I was thinking of naming my Dragon. After I didn't find any, I returned home. Arrived, I realized that the Dragon egg I had just placed wasn't there anymore, the Netherrack oddly still burning. I do realize that I am a fool and I sincerly apologize for the inconvenience. Next I will make sure to oversee the Dragon Egg until the Dragon has hatched.


Thank you for reading and I wish you a great day.

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Egg Refunded to Player Inventory


Future Reference: We only provide refunds for items lost due to server-side issues or error. No player error is valid here. That said, if any situation occurs like the one you described here, in the future the refund will not be accepted.

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