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[Refund Request or Inventory Rollback Request] Crouching_Nugget


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Your Name: Crouching_Nugget
Item Name + ID + Amount: 

-Flamed Dragon Bone Sword #4480

(Had Sharpness 3 or 4, Education 2, Freezing 2, Reviled Blade 1, Advanced Knockback 2)

-Dragon Eye #5364

-Stone of the Sea #5344 

-Crafted Equipment 

Iron Hilt, Darkling Skull lvl 3, Iron Paxel

-Tool Belt (5 Slots)

Inside belt:

Flamed Dragonbone Greatsword #5123 (Don't remember enchants...)

Ice Dragonbone Sword #4481 (With Advanced Looting 2)

Dragonbone Halberd #5111

Diamond Reinforced Shield #5246


(Can't remember other items lost...)

Coordinates: 2128, 28, 4492 (Raid World)

Description of Issue: Died and instantly teleported back to area of death but almost all my items despawned (Got a few before it despawned). 

Time: Around 7:30 pm CST // February 22nd, 2020

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Does the Inventory Rollback what I had in my Enderchest too?? Because I had a few things in there and now they're gone.


2x Supreme Sharpness V Books of Enchantments

1x Infinity Book

1x Advanced Protection IV

1x Subject P.E. III Book

1x Subject P.E. V Book

1x Education III Book

1x Iced Dragonbone Sword

1x Flamed Dragonbone Greatsword

And I don't remember what else I had in my Enderchest... But I remember that it was full. 

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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