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Transfer item from account to account


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Name:TheLegendUForgot (was CptDishonored before)

Request:I wanted to transfer every thing from my cptdishonored account to my thelegenduforgot account such as my claim,inv items,money,base,skills,transfer it all to TheLegendUForgot.

Reason:My main account(CptDishonored) got hacked with the email together,so i wanted to transfer all the stuff i have on the main account to my alt acconut(TheLegendUForgot).

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Transferred one claim, inventory, balance to the new account.

While we aren't able to transfer the skills directly, we can grant you exp for doing so. For that I will require you to be online. We can also go over other stuff that needs to be transfered then as well. Contact me on discord so we can arrange a time.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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