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[Claim Rollback Request]

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Your Name:  TwinkleSprinkle
Coordiantes: -764 67 -4597
Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine)(day/month/year)29th Feb 2020
Description of Issue: After a mail i recieve from the mod Bottleofsyrup upon a login on 6th March, i learnt that on 4th March my main base was greifed by jkl882.

My own main base was not affected much, but my remote base and my parters house was severely greifed upon inspection.

Areas claimed by TwinkleSprinkle (Me) is largely unaffected, apart from occasional parts of the old base and its sorrounding terrain, However areas claimed by Shadk (My clan member) was devastating.

Thanks and i'll be looking forward to replies.


Edit: Thou not largely affected, i still mainly request that my claim be rolled back as parts of it are greifed as well, if it is possible, Thanks


Edited by TwinkleSprinkle
Addition: Clarification
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