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Network Server (AC, Pure, CTW, etc.) Dungeons, Dragons and Space Shuttles


In-Game Nickname Moltenpan


Nickname of the one you are complaining about : Get_That_Ass, Abnator


Description of the situation : Selling fake nether stars on player market, which doesn't show price or seller.


Screenshots/Video Proof (Required) : 





Players that can confirm your situation (If applicable) Shoemon

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Thank you for the report! This does fall under:

[14] No Scamming:

  • 1st offense = Jail 30 minutes.
  • 2nd offense = 2 days ban.
  • 3rd offense = 7 days ban.
  • 4th offense = 14 days ban.

However, I'll need more context to determine which player sold the item? Do you have a screenshot or chat log of one of the two saying it? All I see is someone mentioning you are salty?

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Hi Ness,

As the item doesn't show the seller I'm not sure exactly who put it up, but after I bought it and complained about it in chat Abnator asked if he could see it. I put it on the market for free, he bought it and immediately put it back up on the market for an unknown price. I do not have any evidence of this as the chat had scrolled past this by the time I realised he has put it back up.

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