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[Complaint] Wargon


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In-Game Nickname: Wargon
Your username (Optional): Ev0lutionn
Time and Date: 19:55 - 20:05 GMT+2 17.04.2020

Description of what happened: So, Wargon has been going around and trying to act like hes staff even tho hes not. Hes been sending messages to my discord saying this and that about players maybe duping and im sick and tired of it. Im tired of wargon going around and acting like hes staff. And i honestly want it to stop. I have screenshots of him saying stuff in discord but those cant be included as discord isnt related to CL.

Screenshots or Proof: 

Lets start shall we?

These first screenshots are from when Wargon was accusing _MrMelk_ and Sakul1900 For using creative or duping items to get laser drills.









These screenshots are from when he accuses another player which i belive to be Car under another account of duping.



These screenshots are from when Dabe and Wargon are messaging eachother and it is a general mess to read. Even in the chat log you can see there are players saying Wargon is being mean.






List of eyewitnesses: Dabe00593

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Sorry for the delay.


For quite some time you guys have been toxic to each other.

It's the best that you guys move on, either be nice or /ignore each other.

At this point it's too late to punish someone for anything, If this continues feel free to make a another report

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