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Regardinf the creative energy source on my base maikimaster


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Minecraft Username: Unknown

Time and Date: Aproximately a week before 18/04/2020

Description of what happened:

The creative energy bank on my base was not given to me by any player, I found it on the wild attached to a quantum quarry and a draconic chests around the coords: 1045 63 1195. Since it is allowed to take that which is not claimed I took all of those things, and since rule 2 prohibits giving and selling but not stealing I believed my actions were not in contradiction with any of the rules.

As to who it pertained to I do not know, there are two bases near this spot, one owned by simpliflex, and the other by waffles and limpshrimp18. I do not know anything else apart from what is stated in this.

In the imgur link I will post the quantum quarry and draconic chest I obtained as well as a screenshot of the area where they were found.

Since I have to complain for this to be a complaint, I think that the language of the second rule should be updated to state: No using or owning items procured by other players using the creative gamemode.

Otherwhise me owning this bank would be in complete accordance to the rules as it was neither gifted nor purchased/sold.

Screenshots (Or anything else) of Proof: https://imgur.com/a/3X962Nf


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I agree the rule could be clearer, but it does include accepting creative items too, unless you share a town with them. Normally when you find a creative item, you should report it to staff.

The person who reported you said you did know who it belonged to and that the person has "hacks". Could you elaborate on that?

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I honestly do not know what they were talking about, I have no idea who the owner of the creative item was and thus I don't know whether or not they have "hacks".

All I know is what was said in the post, like I said, I originally suspected it was placed by simpliflex but I have no proof other than his proximity.

If the reporter was spinel_ his testimony may have been biased because he thought it would be funny and he did not understand that premium players could use creative within their claims, so that would lead him to believing that whoever "created" the item was using "hacks".

But in essence, I do not know the origin of the item or the original owner

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