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[Refund Request] MadSpring


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Your Name:  MadSpring
Item Name + ID + Amount:  Vote Party Key's (4 Vote and 1 Legendary); Balloon #4210  ; Obsidian Skull #4212  Stone of the Sea #5344
Coordinates:  X=146 Y=47 Z=1607  (i moved while i got the coords, but it's a close area, i died there twice in a row.)
Description of Issue:  So i was raiding a little jungle dungeon, when suddenly a supermob spawns, steals my weapon, i take it back and while i wanted to eat an Gold apple, i died. Naturally i went back, took my stuff, tried to equip, but i die again. 

Than the server starts lagging for about 4 seconds so couldn't instantly go back and when i got there i could only safe the most important stuff like armor, tool and weapon. There despawned much more stuff, but i just can't remember which so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Screenshots (Optional):  Sadly none, went to quickly


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