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[Complaint] Mikewerf


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In-Game Nickname: Mikewerf (One complaining about)
Your username (Optional): Jaruso
Time and Date: 04.04.2020 - 19.04.2020

Description of what happened:

Numbers written in [x] refer to the screenshot list.

I am going to stick to what is relevant for this topic, which is actions taken since the wipe on 04.04.2020. I will focus on actions the past few days leading up to 19.04.2020.


Ever since, and even before the server wipe, Mikewerf has been harassing, destroying, and changing blocks and outputs in my town (Alpha). It started with small stuff here and there like changing outputs on cables, but gradually got worse over the time my town grew. I am going to start with the way he "warns" me and people in my town. I am aware that he has spoken to Sakul1900 (member of the town) and that he has given verbal warnings to him regarding our lasers. He pm's either sakul1900 or _MrMelk_, never me even though I am the mayor of the town. I believe any town issues should go through the mayor (me). In our town, there was a point where we had around 700 lasers, each with two laser prechargers. In the beginning, there was no issues whatsoever, but the second the server had a lag spike, Mikewerf would come and tell us we had to fix our base because it was lagging the server. When Mike consulted me regarding the lasers, I told Sakul1900 to reduce them. We decreased the laser count and removed 400 of our laser, after wich MeanManSlayer told us the tps was good and that we could keep the remaining lasers[2]. Even with the reduced lasers, Mikewerf was not happy, even though we had a green light from MeanManSlayer. Mikewerf proceeded to delete 90% of our lasers. After talking with Mikewerf and MeanManSlayer, we were told we could only have 100 lasers [15]. Meanwhile the POG town has over 1000 laser drills [16]. This shows that me and the residents of my town is being treated differently and unfair. Around this time, Mikewerf started to get very mad at us, slinging comments and telling us we're stupid and cant build bases. Right after this, he removed all the cursed earth in our mob farms and told us we needed more grinders. We currently had 2 per mob farm. One mob farm was one chunk big in total with 14x14 cursed earth. I proceeded to add more grinders. We now had 6 grinders per mob farm (triple the amount we had before). This apparently wasnt enough for Mikewerf and he removed the cursed earth once again. We didnt activate the mob farm for a while after this. Now seems like the fitting time to mentoin how longs it took to manually replace and fix every edit done because of the recent crash, spam and restart wave. The admins, mainly Mikewerf gave us way too little time to fix our stuff before removing it, example: [12]. After a dialogue with Mikewerf, he told us to move the lasers to a space station [17]. We immidiately cleaned out everything we had at bedrock level and moved every single laser to a space station [18]. Now, we had done everything Mikewerf had told us so far, and he continued to find ways to remove stuff in our base and his reason was always simple, "because it lags the server", over and over again. According to MeanManSlayer, there was an issue with our cabels on our main fusion reactor, but he handled the situation in a professional manner and told exactly what was wrong, and how I could fix it. I personally reworked the cables reducing the amount of blocks used drastically. He came over again to check on it and said it was very good. The time after this, leading up to what I could only call a "D day" scenario came after this. I had listened to all of Mikewef's demands. He told us we were dense [19], and to fix our "poorly built base". "e did as we were told and split up our bases to two destinations, moving all the machines that didnt require alot of maintance. We had the time to move our auto enchanter setup, auto anvil setup, Obsidian generator, Smooth stone generator, cobblestone generator before Mikewerf went absolutely crazy. He started by removing stuff at the old base. He replaced every single turbine in our main fusion reactor with obsidian [7], aswell as changing all the fusion reactor blocks to bedrock [8]. After this, he once again replaced the cursed earth in our mob farms with regular grass blocks [4] even though I had previously tripled the amount of grinders per layer of cursed earth. To further try to make Mikewerf happy, we disconnected the secondary fusion reactor [3] and our only big reactor as a kind gesture to reduce lag to the server. At this point we didnt have any power transmitting whatsoever. After getting back from taking a dinner break, he had ruined every machine in our secondary machine which we specifically made because he told us to. This included Removing all the Redstone Energy Conduits, Impulse Itemducts and Fluidicts connected to our auto enchant system [1]. He removed all Redstone Energy Conduits, Fluiducts and Impulse Itemducts connected to our snowball and ice block generator [5]. He removed all fluiducts connected from our water generator leading to the snowball and Ice block generator [6] He removed all Fluiducts and Impulse Itemducts removed from our stone generator [9]. He removed all Fluiducts and Impulse Itemducts removed from our obsidian generator [10]. He replaced all our transfer nodes, upgrades and Item Pipes to obsidian. This was our cobblestone generator. We originally made more than one generator, but mike removed them without warning and told us not to build so many so we settled with one. We needed the cobblestone to create singularities. This sums up the actions done towards my stuff in the town thats withing my knowledge. According to the other residents in my base, he has done even more. 


How could he improve as an admin in my opinion?

First of all, he should be more professional, and improve the way he operates. A big issue is lack of communication, or miscommunication. It's a positive thing being strict, but what Mikewerf's interpretation of strictness and being professional seems somewhat mixed up. 

Secondly, he should really learn to be more solution oriented. On pretty much every complaint he had on our base, he only told what was wrong. He rarely even hinted to a solution that would help both us and the server. 


Screenshots or Proof: (Use www.imgur.com)

Alot of proof is not within my reach, such as chat logs and worldedit logs. The worldedit logs would prove most of Mikewerf's editing to our town so I request that another admin could check that out to strengthen the proof of his actions. 

[1] Removed Redstone energy conduits, Impulse Itemducts and Fluiducts connected to our auto enchant system. 19.04.2020

[2] MeanManSlayer telling us the tps in the base was good after removing around 400 lasers. 16.04.2020

[3] Fluiduct connection removed to secondary fusion reactors 19.04.2020

[4] All cursed earth removed and changed to grass blocks. 19.04.2020

[5] Redstone energy conduits, Fluiducts and Impulse itemducts removed from snowball gen and Ice block gen. 19.04.2020

[6] Fluiducts removed from water gen leading to the snowball and ice gen. 19.04.2020

[7] All turbines on main fusion reactor changed to obsidian. 19.04.2020

[8] All fusion reactor blocks changed to bedrock 19.04.2020

[9] All Fluiducts and Impulse itemducts removed from our stone gen. 19.04.2020

[10] All Fluiducts and Impulse itemducts removed from our obsidian gen. 19.04.2020

[11] All transfer nodes, upgrades and item pipes changed to obsidian. 19.04.2020

[12] Mikewerf giving unreasonable response times for such actions. 19.04.2020

[13] Mikewerf telling me he gave Sakul1900 and _MrMelk_ verbal warnings and not me. 19.04.2020

[14] Mike threatening us, telling us to learn how to build bases. (Instead of teaching us how we could improve) 19.04.2020

[15] MeanManSlayer telling us w're only allowing to own 100 lasers. 18.04.2020

[16] Evo / Joikabolla telling us their town has 1000 lasers

[17] Mikewerf telling us to build the lasers in a spacestation

[18] Our laser farm at the spacestation

[19] Mikewerf telling us we are dense.


List of eyewitnesses: (They should also make a post below)





Sincerely, Jaruso | Discord: jespersolost#3718

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To make things clear. You were building lasers in overworld which we didn't do. And the diffrence being we had a better design then you did and our town member Dabe00593 has knowledge of what to do. Instead of throwing everything at us you should really start looking with you're eyes cause we have told you multiple times that we had limited our lasers aswell. And the major issue being that our lasers wasnt loaded when the lag spikes began.

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Just now, Ev0lution said:

To make things clear. You were building lasers in overworld which we didn't do. And the diffrence being we had a better design then you did and our town member Dabe00593 has knowledge of what to do. Instead of throwing everything at us you should really start looking with you're eyes cause we have told you multiple times that we had limited our lasers aswell. And the major issue being that our lasers wasnt loaded when the lag spikes began.

That is not by all means the core of my post. I was just pointing it out, what Mike did, happened after we removed all lasers in overworld and made 500 new ones in another dimension.

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4 minutes ago, Ev0lution said:

Just because it isn't the core of the post doesn't mean you can blame somthing on us when we aren't the ones at fault.

I understand your point, but I dont believe I am completely in the wrong with what I say.

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Hello, thank you for your complaint. We have discussed with our staff on professionalism and how to handle scenarios such as bases causing lag. As it is difficult to detect the source of lag on Tekkit, we try to reduce areas that have a large process. By this, I mean places with lots of machines, conduits, pipes and so forth.

Below, I will go through each screenshot of your base to try and make adjustments to prevent further lag on the server. Even though your base may not be the source, it’s better to make adjustments to prevent any possible lag on the server.

[1] Removing itemducts and fluiducts from the enchanting system
The setup doesn’t look that bad, it’s likely it wasn’t even causing lag. However, you could easily improve the setup. I imagine you are enchanting books right? In my opinion, I would use ME export buses/import for the items, and level emitters on the export buses. The level emitter will check the ME system for the specified item, and how many it has stored. This will make it so the enchanting is only active when there is a shortage. This setup will also reduce the number of items going through itemducts, which can cause lag.

[3] Fluiducts connection removed to the fusion reactor
I haven’t seen your fusion reactor setup at all. However, just looking at your setup, it’s very inefficient and needlessly large. I also don’t recommend having multiple Fusion Reactors setup above each other, in the same chunk. This can cause heavy lag. Your fluid storage also seems pointless. I recommend using ME fluid storage. You can store much more fluids, you can even use the partition editor to make each storage cell storage only 1 fluid type. Using this ME fluid storage, you can transport the liquid from a remote location with the Ender Tanks, as you have in the image.

The setup I recommend for a Fusion Reactor is the one I use. Go to /t spawn EpicVille if you want to have a look. If I was you, I would use the Fluid Transfer Nodes and Energy Transfer Nodes. This will also give you an extra spot for an electric turbine. If you have the transfer pipes going to the bottom of the Fusion Reactor, you can transfer both power and fluid with one pipe. There is no need for any upgrades to the transfer nodes. This will reduce the amount of storage space required and the number of fluiducts you have. Power can be transferred with a tesseract.

For the turbines themselves, I recommend using Redstone Energy Conduits, as these transfer the most power, and the energy transfer nodes can make a lot of lag when used in large quantities, mainly on Fusion Reactors and Fulmination Generators.

[4] All cursed earth changed to grass
Just one look and I can already see a major flaw in your design. Too many mobs in one single chunk. Yeah, this causes lag. From what I was told, the grinders were not killing the mobs quick enough. I recommend having a maximum of 4 floors per chunk, two mob grinders should be the minimum for a mob farm using cursed earth.

Second flaw. Your grinders are connected to regular chests. This is probably why there were a lot of mobs not being killed. When the chest is full, and in this case, it will have gotten full quickly, the grinder stops killing mobs. This is because there is no room for item output. To fix this, I recommend placing an enderchest. Connect the enderchest to your ME system (have an enderchest near your ME system with a precision import bus connected).

Now I know that mobs drop a lot of useless loot that can fill an ME system pretty quickly, like armour and bows. To fix this, connect multiple fuzzy export buses to trash cans. You can then choose which items are deleted. You can use the damage indicator to only delete items that are under the specified damage value. By default it’s at 99%, meaning anything that is slightly damaged will be exported to the trash can. You can also use an ender tank to transfer the mob essence from the grinders to your ME fluid storage (as mentioned above). Place the ender tank underneath the grinder.

[5/6] Fluiducts, Conduits and Itemducts removed from snowball gen and ice block gen
This setup is not too bad, but I recommend reducing the amount you have. You don’t need this many for snowballs and ice blocks.

[7] Turbines changed to obsidian
This is a likely cause of lag due to its size. Heck, I’ve had 5x5 Fusion Reactors turned to obsidian before because it was causing a lot of lag. Reducing the size can help towards this. A small reactor, like a 7x7, produces a good amount of power. With this, adding together with your secondary reactors, is just excessive.

[8] Fusion Reactor blocks turned to bedrock
Blocks turning into bedrock is usually some by management because that specific block is causing lag. For the Fusion Reactor, making adjustments as mentioned above could prevent this from happening again. However, if it does, get a staff member to replace it, and ask if there is anything that can be done to prevent it from happening again.

[9/10] Fluiducts and Impulse Itemducts removed from Stone/Obsidian gen
For starters, the link for [9] is the same as [8].

Similar to the snowball gen, just reduce the amount. This many is not needed. 66 of these is just excessive. You only really need about 10 for stone gen and 10 for obsidian. I also recommend using ME import buses, this way you can use a level emitter to stop production when you have enough. This will reduce the lag by quite a bit as the machines won’t be constantly running.

[11] Transfer Nodes, Transfer Pipes and Upgrades changed to obsidian
A large number of transfer nodes/pipes will cause lag. Especially if you have them all decked out with speed upgrades. For a cobblestone generator, 1-3 transfer nodes with speed upgrades are plenty. There is no need to have around 60 or more of these.

[16] Another town having 1k laser drills
If this is the case, they will be removed. I assure you of this.

[18] Laser farm at the space station
Laser drills at a space station don’t always cause a lot of server lag. However, this can be checked with /cofh tps (for normal players). If there is a lot of lag, this command shows which dim is being affected the most. If the lasers are still a problem, try reducing the amount.

Some useful advice to reducing the lag
I have probably already provided many ways you could adjust your base to reduce the lag. I’m going to say a few more things that I haven’t said.

For starters, reduce the amount of PAs you have. 15 just isn’t necessary. 5-7 is more than likely enough. Sometimes PAs stop working, this is because of the Atomic Electromagnets changing to regular Electromagnets. If this happens, contact an Admin or GM to change them back. You should stop the PA if it’s broken, no point keeping it running.

Spread out everything. I say spread out, but what I mean is just tidy your base it. You should create areas for specific purposes. Ore Smelting, Storage, block generation such as cobblestone and obsidian, ME auto crafting with machines (Using ME interface with Furnace, Pulverizers, etc), and so forth. If you separate your base into sections, it looks far neater, and can even reduce possible lag. If everything is in a specific section, you can easily reduce the number of cables, conduits etc.

Last but not least, when something is changed to obsidian or bedrock, it's because it is likely causing lag on the server. Most of the time this is carried out by management to reduce server lag.

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