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Refund Request - Dth_Jared


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Your Name: Jared (Nick) dth_Jared (IGN)
Item Name + Amount: My entire damn inventory -

One flux Pickaxe, Unbreaking 3 and Fortune 3

One Unstable Sword (Extra Utilities sword??)

One Diamond Pickaxe with Silk Touch and Unbreaking 3

One Bow with Punch 1 Power 3 and Infinity One

One flux axe with Efficiency 4 and Unbreaking 3 (can't remember)

One flux shovel with efficiency 4 and unbreaking 3 (can't remember)

Galacticraft Tier 1 spaceship

Galacticraft buggy

9 Refuel pads

9 rocket launch pads

64 Arrows

There may have been more, I am not sure. If you are able to check my inventory through logs you should be able to see the enchantments on my items and other things that I may not have listed here.
Coordinates: (-1063, 65, 3716)
Description of Issue:  I fell through the damn world, into a pit of lava where I died.
Screenshots (Optional): 

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