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Inventory Refund


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Hello so my problem is, i was playing with a friend His name is MadSpring and i use the command /TP on him to help him against a dragon.Ye and i did,all my stuff despawned within seconds and i lost all oft it. I dont have  any screenshot.


I had :

Red dragon scale armor unchanted

Fairy ring

Ring of Regenation

And on of those Sinful amulett

and a Sinful fruit

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So i died to a twice, when i asked Radler to help me. He teleported to me but also died because i got attacked instantly and he got hit mutliple times..

He tried to run away but died. he tried to do /back but it was blocked because "it wasn't safe"...

So i ran to his loot, he tried to tp but just as i accepted his request, his stuff despawned...

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