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Blood Magic LP storage gone after server restart


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I've gone and progressed into the Blood Magic mod, but this problem is holding me back: after each server restart the LP I have stored up in my Blood Orb is reset to 0. This can be checked with the Seer's Sigil.

I am still at Tier 3, but soon I want to move into creating rituals that not only require (a lot of) LP to boot, but also takes LP to continue running. If LP runs out, I die. Theoretically, this leads to me instantly and continuously dying after a server restart if I happen to have an LP consuming ritual. I am trying to find a way to have them switched off, but it would be far more productive if this problem with the server was fixed.

I'm available in game for questions, tests or demonstrations.

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I'm pretty deep into Blood Magic now and I've noticed a couple of things. After a server reset instead of an active ritual outright killing you, instead it gives you Nausea 1 until you can refill you soul network with the requisite LP. If , however you leave a sigil turned on that would drain LP, for example Sigil of Magnetism, will slowly kill you unless your soul network LP is refilled. 

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