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Item Refund


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Your Name: RadlerMeister
Item Name + ID + Amount: Flamed Dragonbone Greatsword (#5123)
Base Coordinates: 626,101,5878
Description of Issue: 

Lost My good Sword.i cant even explain that. I was fighting some mobs with my Fire enchanted Dragon sword when of all sudden i got kicked from server cuz of massive lagg. After i logged in again the sword wasnt in my inventory .


Advanced Looting,Education 3,Advanced Mending,Advanced Sharpness II,Unbreaking 2,i needed so much for this sword. I cant even explain how it got deleted out of my Inventory.i Dont have any screenshots. ;-; i just want my sword back.

Made another Topic because mine wasnt right from the beginning.

Have a nice day/Night staff ^^

Screenshots (Optional): 

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