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[Creative Mana Pool Infusion aspects infinite loop] Chesto13

Chesto 13

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Name: Chesto13

Coordinates: x:76, y:92, z:-537

Description of the problem: I wanted to craft the everlasting mana pool with thaumcraft infusion. It sucked in all the aspects and all the items (i placed every single item and every single item got sucked in for sure) but when the infusion had sucked in everything it kept sucking in aspects 1 each randomly. The counter for the different aspects went up from 0 to 1, then it sucked the aspect out of my me and then when the counter was at 0 again another counter went up to 1 again and so on.

Now all the items are gone but i dont have the mana pool. Id like to ask if i could be refunded the pool in exchange for the creative tank.


Screenshot: image.thumb.png.02689a44d9ecd53d6699a01be499a1e4.png

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it does that when there are items missing for infusion, so:

  1. it's not server's fault that something went missing, it's a game mechanic, you should have anticipated that
  2. we won't refund something you didn't have in your possesion in the first place

i'd suggest learning the basics of the mod before doing any advanced stuff with it

since the issue was not caused by the server, no refund

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