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Bee requires Botania flowers

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i have an issue with "Somnolent" bee specie. The queen according to description requires flower type "flowerprovider.flowersBotania" which looks like there is a missing text for it. I tried placing multiple botania flowers next to the apiary and still queen was missing flowers. Then i tried placing there every possible flower time i could think of like cacti, stone, snow, dragon egg, regular flower but had no success with queen detecting them as a right flower type. I wonder if i am just stupid and there are some flowers that work or there is some kind of bug.


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I tried so many flowers that i was not sure so tried again the Pure Daisy now and still somnolent queen is not happy with it and apiary displayes "no flowers". You can find the apiary at 2380 2568 65.


EDIT: I added chunk loader in the apiary chunk and when i came back after few hours queen somehow went through the cycle so it is fine. Now i can change the genes to regular flowers and do not have to worry about it again. Maybe it just takes a really long time.

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