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[Pure Survival] Villager's problem


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I found a bug related with the villagers in Pure Survival. I spent a lot of time trying to find villagers in the world to transfer them to my base. After that I built a "Villager Breeding System", but it actually didn't work, because the villagers don't pick up the items you throw to them as they are supposed to do in the survival world.


In the server: https://gyazo.com/23fcb2368305c20197c68c23b8b6bd70

In normal world: https://gyazo.com/f7338dc62b24b6eecc84ccb8d25f628a

As you can see from the short videos in normal world villagers pick up the item(s) almost at the moment they have been thrown, but in the server they don't do it and the item(s) despawn. Can you please fix this bug, because breeding the villagers is imporant if you want to earn some emeralds or get a villager with current proffesion and it is a big part of the mechanism in the game. 

Thanks in advance! :)

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