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Account Name: AsPilloW_
Rank: BASIC lol
Requested Commands^:  World edit or help
Reason for Request*: So basically, we have a lot of problems in our base. 

First of all, our me system is fucked up, like, 5 or 6 players and three admin, i remember it was bottle of syrup, Lologod and 3xJ. No one succeed to find where the problem came from. Our me system disconnect randomly, so the drives, the autocrafting are down, so it's basically unplayable. No clue on reddit or other forums. We tried to move the me system in one chunk, did a lot of fix, but nothing is working at the moment. It's not the ME Security Terminal bug, we fixed it and did a lot of tests about it.

Yesterday, so 03/05, we had an other issue : Cables, blocks in some chunks in our base became invisible and you could see that they were not connected to each others, so, it was also unplayable, we couldn't do anything. It was not the first time either, but it was the moment that we did the understood that the bugs where related.

During this period, we didn't have me system issue, so it was a bad for a good thing. BUT, 1 hour after, the invisible blocks and cables bug stop, like all the cables reconnect to each other, the block appears etc... And the me system BUG came to say HELLO again. So again like 2 weeks now, the system disconnect randomly, and we have access to nothing.

At this moment, we understood that it was some chunks that were corrupted for some evil reason... And we decided to move the all base with pylons, but as you know, not all the base is teleporting, so it's was a good attempt, but a fail.

The only solution that we could have right now to continue playing on the server, is to worldedit our base to another place where the chunks are not corrupted. 

I'm not asking really for the world edit command, but for some help by admins to do it. (but i can also do it myself, that's why i ask in this command topic).

I know that it's difficult to understand, but at the moment, we can't play anymore on the server because everything is dependent of our AE2 system.

If you want more information or have a question, i'm on the discord @Aspillow, or under this topic.

Thanks, have a good day ! :)


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Command requests are only available for those who have Sponsor, also your chunks are not corrupted if they were you would not be able to log at all unless you got the unstuck package or was sent to spawn by staff.

Staff will not be using World Edit to be moving a base when a player can do this.

Have a good day.


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