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Chunk Role back crashes peoples Revelation


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I am new to the Revelation. been play on this sever. about around 9 pm eastern time zone i ran into a problem with the server I had a client side crash with this server. each time i try to log into sever i crash. i even when on my alt account and try to fix but soon as i enter chunk i crash. and also few other people try to help and got the same issue. this chunk is near some one base i hate to have him get affect by this chuck crash issue.

the location of this crash was at


    Entity Type: biomesoplenty:bop_boat (biomesoplenty.common.entities.item.EntityBOPBoat)
    Entity ID: 967075
    Entity Name: Boat
    Entity's Exact location: -858.70, 62.88, 1658.97
    Entity's Block location: World: (-859,62,1658), Chunk: (at 5,3,10 in -54,103; contains blocks -864,0,1648 to -849,255,1663), Region: (-2,3; contains chunks -64,96 to -33,127, blocks -1024,0,1536 to -513,255,2047)


also gonna to upload the crash log for reading


i am request a rollback for the chunk. was told to do that by OWFBAS the admin on the server


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