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[Refund Request] formalclient1

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Your Name: Formalclient1
Item Name + Amount: 

  • 1 cobble stone generator tier 2 
  • 1 Power cell medium 1
  • 2 Upgradable combustion gen 2 
  • 2 Crystal Growth Accelerator Tier 3
  • 4 Signalum seeds
  • 4 Steel Seeds
  • 4 Electrum seeds
  • 4 Nickel Seeds

Coordinates: -9473, 66, -9985
Description of Issue: I just join the SkyFactory 4 server and voted 4 times, after opening the crates I used the /is create to create my new island but when i got there my entire inventory had been deleted. I had some other items from the crates in my inventory but they where mostly ingots.
Screenshots (Optional): 

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