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[Inventory RollBack Request] RoofGoblin


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Your Name:  RoofGoblin
Coordinates: unknown, in normal world at around -30000, -30000
Time/Timezone/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 8:30 am DST (Berlin) or 4:30 pm AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time)
Description of Issue: Loss of full invenotry as i was out ast the world border when the border was down and killed due to suffocation loosing all gear 
Screenshots (Optional):

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Ok so here is what i remember from my inventory 

Dragon bone pick: Adv Efficiency 5, fortune 3, adv mending, unbreaking 3

Deep Blue Tide guardian helm, boots, leggings: Prot 4, Unbreaking 3, Upgraded Potentials, Adv Mending, adv thorns 3. Boots also had: high jump 2, depth strider 3, agility 2, adv feather falling 4. Helm Also had aqua affinity, respiration 3 

Full set of sapphire dragon armor: adv mending, prot 4, burning thorns 3, unbreaking 

Lycanite Items, all lvl 3 in the form off tools: Darkling Skull, Zephyr Blade, Spriggin Root, Vapula Crystal x2, Dijin Cloud, Syplh wing, Grew Claw, Xaphan Spine, Sutiramu stinger, geonach fist, ent arm, clink scyth, ventroraptor head


Flamed dragonbone long bow-rapid fire 2, adv power 4, adv mending, unbreaking 3, upgraded potentials, supreme flame, infinity

See screen shots

Baubles: all purple quality and hearty/menacing : dragon eye, stone of the sea, resistance ring, regeneration ring, polerisation stone, ankshield (arcane shielding), greater inertia stone

Emerald Blocks approximately 40

xp tomes 8

enchanted books: str vitality V, unbreaking 3 x2, 

shulker box



Edited by RoofGoblin
Loss of items and no access to roll backs, this is for two different rollbacks which were both lost
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