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[REFIND REQUEST] Grincheux1er


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Your Name: Grincheux1er
Item Name + Amount: 1 Flux-Infused Helmet
                                      1 Flux-Infused Jet-Plate
                                      1 Flux-Infused Leggings
                                      1 Flux-Infused Boots

Coordinates: 1040; 67; -3802
Description of Issue: In the server Crafters Lands (with Infinity Evolved) I was clear of all my armor (Full Flux-Infused + Flux-Infused JetPlate) I were wearing my armor but when my nuclear reactor (IC2) was full, i change my armor for my hazmat armor and I place my Flux Infused armor in my chest, in the same time I organize my chest. After that, the vote party end and i won the keys. Just 10 seconds after, a restart server begin. When i come in the server, I finish my uranium and i were wanted to take my Flux Infused Armor but when I look in my chest, my armor isn't there and my chest were just like when I just start to play to day, in disorder and without my armor...

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