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SF4 Vote Party Counter broken?


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i don't know if it's known or noticed, but the vote party counter in sf4 is broken, it doesn't count all votes, just if it wants to count, it counts a few, but not all votes.
i remember last year (before i got ultra sick and inactive from this), the counter was fine and had just a few seconds delay, but it has counted every vote....
what happened to the counter? is it possible to fix it or replace it with another working counter plugin?

if you don't believe me, just sit a few hours online in sf4, watch the chat where it tells that ppl are voting, but the counter only counts a few if it wants to count...

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All our 1.12 servers share 2 common vote links, when someone votes on those (even if the players are from a different modpack) there will be a message in-game, but only when the player is also on SF4 the counter will go down

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