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Essentia Vibration Chamber


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My clan and I are a group of mages and magic users that love finding non-tech solutions to our problems, and have had great success so far. We wish to use a magically powered ME system from AE2, which is our justification to use one of the most convenient mods in the pack. We noticed that the Essentia Distillation Chamber is enabled, despite the original chamber being understandably disabled due to it's ease of use and output. The issue is that the original chamber is a part of the crafting recipe of the Essentia powered one, making it impossible to craft. I feel that by the time a player has put the research required to create an alchemical furnace to break down essentia, and set up Botania to make the arcane stone and jars, that the output power of the chamber is comparable to a technological advancement that would be of the same power output. We could just as easily use many other less flavorful methods, like lave crystals in furnace generators, but seeing as the recipe is enabled but uncraftable, I would love for an alternative recipe to be introduced. My suggestion would be to change the Vibration Chamber in the original recipe to an Arcane Furnace, as the original Vibe Chamber needs a furnace in it's recipe, and the Botania Rune of Fire and Rune of Water. This change would allow it to be obtained at a late enough progression point as to not make the chamber a reasonable option for ANY player to use it in an ME system.

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