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  1. I second this, a working recipe for the Essentia Vibration Chamber would add a lot of value to magic users, and it can be set up to still be a very late game item.
  2. Your Name: EralyenItem Name + Amount: Terra Blade, 6 stacks of bottles o' enchanting in a golden bag of holdingCoordinates: X 3500, Y 25, Z-1575Description of Issue: I stood too close to my mob farm and got killed. After breaking my grave I noticed I lost a Terra Blade and a bag of holding with some bottles o' enchanting inside.
  3. Since Witchery's coven witches are generated at worldgen they're really hard to find by now, and they're essential for many of its endgame rites. If their spawn eggs were added to spawn it would help a lot, since as far as I can tell the only alternative is to roam around the overworld for days (a maxed coven is made up of 6 witches). Spawn shop already has a few hard to find mob eggs like the ocelot's, so I don't think coven witches would be out of place.
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