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disproportional punishment


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Title:  (JackLad_YT)



In-Game Nickname: (mods active on 13/7/2020, probably havent got them all but ones of note are: Magical_coww, oozooami, eytixis)
Time and Date: 13/7/2020

Description of what happened:

My team and i are being disproportionally targetted for some reason, we arent entirely sure of the reason but it is happening regardless. I am fully transparent in admitting that members of my team, including myself have broken a variety of rules, all of which we have served the punishments for, however my complaint is about the fact that the mods who were online on this day were conspiring to "bait" members of my team into doing acts that would get them permanently banned, i have no idea why they would want to do this as it would surely reduce the amount of people in the server which is obviously a bad thing.

I am also complaing because there have been countless occaisons of people breaking minor rules such as caps or spam, somerthing that doesnt personally bother me. however these people are being ignored for there "crimes" but any time someone on my team breaks ANY rule, they are immediately muted, kicked or imprisoned.

my biggest grievance however is the fact that these mods were attempting to manipulate my team members into doing acts that would get them banned, we know they were doing this as mod "oozami" had joined our private server in a call and had been sharing his screen, however he must have forgotten to turn off the screenshare as he left it on while he was discussing how to get us banned with the other mods (screen shots below).

when we attempted to show this in the discord server, they attempted to cover it up here too.

Screenshots or Proof: 




List of eyewitnesses: 
my team:







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Good evening!

If you have them, it would also be helpful to show the actual punishments in screenshots or logs, instead of just the aftermath of it, so we can judge if it was just.

EDIT: thanks epic, no longer needed.

35 minutes ago, JackLad_YT said:

however these people are being ignored for there "crimes" but any time someone on my team breaks ANY rule, they are immediately muted, kicked or imprisoned

But without having seen the punishments and to know if they were correct or not, I do want to comment on this part of your complaint. The capsing, cursing and spamming rule is rule 7, and it states ”excessive use”- Now I can’t say that the ones you complain having done this hasn’t done so excessively, but you also haven’t shown otherwise.

But as you state towards the end of that quote- ”my team... immediatelt muted, kicked or imprisoned”. The rules which have such punishments do not state ”excessive use” and are therefore vety strict. Unless it’s a later offense of rule 7, which then you have previously done it excessively.


Your argument with Cow is that you think you should be allowed to joke about anything in a private chat, but that is not the case and we moderate all the chats on our -or related to- our servers. Including staff chat, if needs be. This is because we can’t go in and determine between if the person is joking or not when they are breaking a serious chat offense. The same way we can’t allow harassment towards a person in private chat and then later accept the excuse that ”it’s just a joke”. That’s very serious and we take it as such, and that goes for all of our chat rules.

From what I see about staff chat, I see a cow humoring your opinion in that and making a comment in a private chat. But do know it will still be brought up- and for the record, bypassing a mute counts as a rule 2 break and first offense is a 2 day ban. There was never a talk about a perm ban as you claim in your complaint, in fact, staff does not wield the power to make a perm ban.


Seeing EPIC coming in with some evidence of your team’s rule breaks I understand why you didn’t show any of the punishments or the rule breaks themselves, I see it as pretty crystal clear that all of these should’ve been punished for. And was, as far as I’m aware.

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