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[Refund Request] jensenbutton


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Your Name: jensenbutton

Item Name + Amount: 

  • 18 Notch Apples
  • 1,000 IC2 Cooper
  • 2,000 Gold Ingot
  • 32 Thauminium
  • 128 Bedrockium
  • 100 Nether Stars 
  • 130 Mana Steel
  • 1,000 IC2 Tin

Coordinates of the missing draws: x 3859 z -2019 y 78

Description of Issue: 

Some compacting and oak storage draws connected to a storage that were there a few days ago have gone missing I only noticed they were missing yesterday, they have either glitched and disappeared or someone has found a way to bypass the protection I'm not sure what's happened to them neither is Prince or XAssassin2020.  

Screenshots (Optional): 



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