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[refund request] Valexclones


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Your Name: Valexclones
Item Name + Amount: 1 elytra, 1 epic mega loot case, 1 empty spawn egg, 1 spectre coil, 1 novice healing wand, 1 wand duration upgrade this are the items im sure about, on the one im not sure about are an other wand that I remmebr was there but dont remember the type or lvl, then several scrolls, magic books of electrobobs wizardy, 4 gems thta if I rememebr correctly were precision gems, some strange weapons I never saw before.
Coordinates: xyz 5886.700 / 142.00000 / -1480.387 in the End
Description of Issue: I wanted to issue a refund, I was looting in the end in roguelike dungeon and found two chest, I looted them and built two shulker boxes with the chest i Just looted.  to contain the items, then the server crashed without warning and when I got back; the game had restted my movements so I stood where I was two minutes before the crash but when I got to the chest they were already looted and destrtoyed. After I looted the two chest I built two shulker, and put the items in one shulker I already had and one of  th two I crafted, the two I crafted vanished.
Screenshots (Optional): 

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