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So i teleported to Rlcratfer2 cause he said in chat "tp for free blocks of emeralds" so of course me and a few people tped but we all tped into a pixie loot trap with spawned in pixies by him because he is Premium+ so he has creative and i lost a few of my items around 8:55pm is when i asked for help from a mods to help me but around 8:45 if thats okay to make sure i dont lose any loot heres spawned pixed dust and eggs in RLcrafters hand, And the last one is he spawned them all inside my base aswell and killed me aswell multiple times. after he spawned dragons and asmodoues it was really laggy my base barely loads in. cords to my base in build world x:2648 z:5376   Thank you ❤️ unknown.pngunknown.pngunknown.png



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